Areas of Practice:


· Real Estate

· Title Search

· Deeds, Mortgages, Options

· Wills, Trusts and Estates

· Probate Matters

· Contracts

· Real Estate Litigation

· Boundary Litigation

· Mortgages

· Civil Litigation

· Criminal Defense

· Insurance Matters

· Family Law: Divorce, Custody, Adoption and Support

· Administrative Law

· Personal Injury

· Collection Work

· Construction Litigation

· Gas Leases

· Property Owners Association

· Municipal solicitorship

· Municipal litigation/ municipal representation

· Subdivision Matters

· Zoning Matters







Since 1980 1980, I have prided myself in providing competent, meaningful, and quality legal representation at reasonable  and accessible fees to hundreds of individuals. For most people, contact with an attorney usually results from personal problems—some simple and some very difficult. During my practice, I have tried to assess the specific legal needs of my clients, providing only that which has been necessary and providing it with dexterity, sensitivity, and the highest level of competency and professionalism. Some matters can—and should– be disposed of swiftly, with common sense and minimal “legalese.” On the other hand, I have represented clients who, for various reasons, must pursue every legal steps available to them. Frank, unhurried and open-ended legal consultation allows each client to make individual determinations of their specific needs, demands, and anticipated results. These on-going consultations and contacts allow for a continuous over-view of their individual litigation.

 I always attempt to deliver skilled legal services whenever my clients require it. As a sole-practitioner, I know all of my clients personally and represent each as I would a friend or family member. Your case is the most important thing in your life. I try to approach it the same way!!

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Richard B. Henry, Attorney At Law